Sheep and Goat International Night

CCE Educator Rich Toebe in collaboration with Dan Flaherty invited guests to participate in an evening of comradery and sharing during the Sheep and Goat International Night held on February 21st 2018 at Cornell Cooperative Extension Delaware County in Hamden.

Participants shared in food representative of these regions prepared by the speakers, and several shared their own experiences.  Sonja Hedlund shared her experiences at the 2010 Terra Madre as well as her visits to sheep and goat farms and cheesemakers in France, Georgia, and Italy.  Gayle Brown provided information on sheep and goat production in the Graubunden region of Switzerland.  Dan Flaherty shared his experiences helping sheep and goat farmers in Kyrgyzstan.  Kim Cassano translated and shared a video of a shepherd in Rost, part of an Island archipelago in outer Lofoten, Norway.

We hope to see you at the next event.

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