CCE Delaware County History ~ Years 50-75

1967 Conservation Field Day

1962 – Jean Holdridge, Mildred Dunn, and Joann Miller “Bake a Better Cake.”

1963 – Ed Schano oversees the Incubation Project which goes carries on to Incubation Training in local schools including Sidney.

1964 – Lindy Miller received a blue ribbon for her Dorset sheep.  Jeanne Holdridge and Howard LaFever receive St. George Scholarship awards.


1966 – CCE hosts a “Hay Day” where machinery and equipment are on display.  Ralph and Harold Reynolds of Terry Clove Delancey were among those in attendance.  Dean and Carl Hulbert’s cow Dolly (a grade A Holstein) hit 1,000 pounds of butterfat production in Delaware County.

1967 – Bear Spring Park in Walton is the site of this year’s Conservation Field Day taught by Jim Crane, SCS.  Paul Mattern (Agriculture Agent) demonstrates Soil Testing on WNBG-TV 12. Kathy Johnson demonstrates “Apple Pie.”

1968 – 4-H Leader Training topic this year is Color and Room Arrangement. Cornell University professor Clark Garner presents information to one of the attendees John Kellett.

1969 – Delaware County purchases 4-H Camp Shankitunk. A slide and new shower house are added.  A Talent Show is held at the Delaware County Infirmary.  First place winners were Mark & Karen Cerosaletti.

1970 – A 4-H beef auction was held at the Delaware County Fair. 4-H Agent Ward MacMillan was present and auctioneer was Art Aikens.

1971 – Members of the Field Crop Advisory Committee include Bill Inman, John Adams, Ralph Taylor, Jack Damgaard, Jack Burns, Orville Rising, Paul Mattern, Steward Wilcox, Alton Brandow, and Tom Schultz.

1972 – No plow corn is planted in stubble on the Chris Pedersen farm in East Meredith. The Cooperative Extension Newsletter is called “From Jeanne’s Desk to Your House.”

1973 –Fix it or Nix it Workshop delves into the nitty gritty of fixing electrical and plumbing disasters after an intro to tools needed is covered. Phyllis Sanborn and Rith Tompkins are two attendees.


1975 – The Home Economics display at the Delaware County Fair covers Playground Safety!  A large group of farmers is interested in taking the examination for certification as a pesticide applicator.

1976 –

1977 – 50th Anniversary of the Founding of 4-H Camp Shankitunk.


1979 – We moved to our Hamden location!

1980 – Extension agents Tom Donnelly and Tom Cannon help harvest corn from test plots planted throughout the county.

1981 – Jim Rice is 4-H Program Leader, Jeanne Darling is Home Economics Program Leader, and Paul Mattern is Ag Program Leader.

1982 – A two day workshop is held for 4-H teens and leaders on Clowning Techniques! Pam Graupman, CCE Program Aide, was one of the attendees and tried her hand at designing clown faces.  Clara Stewart and Jan Puylara teach a five week course called “Sew from the Beginning.”

1983 – Several extension agents and volunteers worked to paint the home economics building at the fair after the walls were repaired.

1984 – Delaware County is ranked as eighth in NYS for milk production and tied for sixth in number of cows.  We had 520 dairy farms with a total of 34,500 cows that produced 414,000,000 pounds of milk!   The 4-H Leaders Banquet attendees included Eleanor Kilmer (29 years), Elizabeth Conklin (27 years), Helen Zandt (22 years), Patricia Tweedie (13 years), Phyllis Dandignac (13 years), John Kellet Jr (18 years), Mary Lou Faigle (16 years), and I.G. Dent (24 years).  Amy Moody of Hamden has the champion beef steer this year.

1985 – In an effort to assist area families in meeting nutritional needs, CCE’s Food and Nutrition program enters the computer age.


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