CCE Delaware County History ~ The First 25 Years

archived photo of sprayer in 1918
1918 Sprayer



1915 – Delaware County hired a new County Agent by the name of Edward R. Eastman  

1916 – A wool parade was held in Walton.  Loans were being made to farmers out of Utica to purchase sheep and swine to assist in producing pork and wool for the war effort.

1917 – Frances Clark was the first Home Bureau agent hired, at the recommendation of Ed Eastman.

1918 – Courses were offered through the State School of Agriculture and Domestic Science  in Delhi. Some course examples included: Cow Testing, Herdsmanship, Farm Superintendent, Dressmaking, Dietetics, Home Nursing, Millinery, and more.

1919 – Harry Lewis of the State School of Agriculture, Delhi organized potato, garden, and corn crops in various parts of the county. Slogan “Food will win the war.”

1920 – The price of milk is $3.50, but falls to $2.60 in 1921.  Eggs are 61 cents per dozen but fall to only 47 cents per dozen the following year.

1921 –

1922 – John A. Lennox began his full-time career as a paid county leader in Delaware County 4-H Club work.  This was possible in large part due to the strenuous work of the county supervisors, federal and state extension departments, and the Delhi Agriculture School.

1923 – CCE helps to test 50 herds of cattle in Delaware County for tuberculosis.

1924 – The Delaware County Farm Bureau has increasing membership! They have active interest and many constructive programs.


1926 – A Delaware County rally day was held October 23rd in Delhi. 700 people attended.

1927 – 4-H Camp Shankitunk opened July 1st.  Delaware County Junior Project Demonstration Team won honors at the State Fair in Syracuse.  In addition, Wilburn Barkley and Morris Riddell are NYS representatives at the Great National Dairy Show in Milwaukee.  Machinery starts to take the place of labor on the farm.

1928 – Many Delaware County farms are raising sheep.

1929 – Delaware County is ranked second in NYS for Maple production.

1930 – 300 attend the Delaware County Dairy Tour!  Governor Roosevelt attends a picnic with Delaware County Health Champions Bernice Elliot and Howard Ringholm.  It is estimated that five thousand people were in attendance at this annual county picnic.  A meeting was held afterward called to order by Congressman John D. Clarke, chairman of the picnic committee.  A horseshoeing demonstration is held at farm of G.R. Sutherland at Cabin Hill.

1931 – Cull cows were loaded up in Walton as part of the G.L.F. Marketing service.


1933 – Many Delaware County farms are raising chickens.

1934 – Officers for the 4-H Leaders Association were President L.E. Streeter (Mountaineers Farmshop Club), Vice President Mrs. Earl Carson (Willing Workers of Hobart), Secretary Marion McPherson (Wide Awake Club of Bovina), and Treasurer Grace Storrer (Dry Brook 4-H Club).


1936 – Joseph Dent earns the highest honor attainable by a 4-H club member, a trip to National 4-H Club Camp in Washington D.C.

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