Cornell Cooperative Extension History


Cornell University was founded in 1865 as the NYS land grant university with the adoption of the Morrill Land Grant Act signed by President Lincoln.

Cornell Cooperative Extension in NYS has origins that date back to 1911 with the formation of the first county Farm Bureau in the US.  This Farm Bureau was organized  in Broome County by the Binghamton Chamber of Commerce, the Delaware and Lackawanna Railroad, and the office of Farm Management of the Bureau of Plant Industry of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).  By the end of that year, 20 extension sponsoring groups had been started. The first Farm Extension Agent was John Barron.

Delaware County has offered residents useful information and free or low-cost educational programs since 1913.  This is part of CCE’s unique mission to connect local communities with the most reliable and up-to-date research being done at Cornell and other land grant universities across the nation.

Cornell Cooperative Extension itself dates back to 1914, when the federal government established a network of Cooperative Extension programs throughout the country to help connect the research conducted at land grant universities with each state’s farmers. Although the mission of Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) remains the same as was in 1914—to apply university knowledge and resources to address community need—the needs of New York’s communities have changed. Cornell Cooperative Extension’s 55 county associations and its New York City offices each connect university research to the diverse needs of their local communities.

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