Smart Energy Choices Program


The Smart Energy Choices Program can help you save energy and money in your home, small business or multifamily home. There are programs and incentives for homeowners and renters that make doing the green thing the affordable thing to do.   We can help connect your with resources on energy efficiency, renewable heat, and solar.


Did you know that the average home has enough leaks to equal the size of a window being open?  Sealing cracks and adding insulation should be a first step when thinking of energy efficiency.  The good news is, home energy assessments are available to most New York State residents at no or low cost.

Here’s a quick video to show your what your energy audit would look like:


Changing to a renewable heating source can reduce carbon emissions and save money.  Here’s some more info about renewable heating options and great incentives to buy:

Wood Pellet: Pellets are made from sawdust and low-quality trees, and can be used to heat a whole house just like wood. NYSERDA is currently offering $1,500 to $2,500 rebates on pellet stoves for residences not served by natural gas.

Air Sourced & Ground Source Heat Pumps:  Heat pumps use electricity to move heat from cool to warm spaces, distributing air.  Both have incentives and rebates for installation, of $500 to $1,500.  Give us a call for more information.

Thermal Heating:  What better way to warm your water than through the sun? It uses roof-mounted solar collectors to heat cold water. When the water is hot enough and ready to use, pipes transport the water back to your hot water tank.  The good news is, there are Federal Tax credits to help with cost!


Think solar is expensive? Think again!  Options are available to both homeowners and renters to get solar.

Residential Solar: This is the most traditional form of solar, with roof or ground panels.  NYSERDA Rebates, NYS Tax Credits and Federal Tax Credits are all available to assist with cost reduction.  Also, there are incredible financing options to pay for the cost after incentives.

Community Solar:  This is the newest way to get solar, and links your utility bill to a local solar farm, allowing power to come to your home if you can’t or don’t want to install solar panels. You can either purchase panels on the farm, or subscribe to receive a portion of energy production.  Renters can sign up too!

Jeanne Darling
Executive Director
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