2015 Human Ecology Fair Exhibitors

Home Economics Education Fair exhibitors for 2015 featured three agriculture businesses and three county services organizations: Lucky Dog Farm, Anderson Hillbilly Honey, Edmar’s Farm, O’Connor Hospital with “Get Out and Walk” Prescription Trails, Delaware County Public Health and Delaware County Rural Healthcare Alliance on Suicide Prevention, and Delaware County Economic Development.

FIRST PLACE Anderson Hillbilly’s Honey‘s display was informative and easy to read about the bees’ honey cycle and habitat. The three judges appreciated this exhibit’s great stopping power that pulls the public’s attention. Owner Tracy Anderson sold their products, which range from lip/body balm to honey, on Tuesday and Friday. Children were very interested in tasting the honey and learning the importance of bees as pollinators.

SECOND PLACE O’Connor Hospital Get Out and Walk exhibit presented a clear and encouraging message about the importance, ease, low cost, and accessibility of walking. Medical professionals nationwide are recognizing the power of walking and are prescribing it to their patients to maximize health and well-being. In this exhibit, the variety of walking surfaces found in Delaware County was provided.

THIRD PLACE Edmar’s Farm Sustainable Agriculture exhibit was about what foods are found and sold in Delaware County that contribute to the environment’s health and diminishes overuse or misuse. The set-up of a dining table to feature and promote Delaware County farm products grabbed the public’s eye and pulled their attention in to learn and appreciate County Farmers’ commitment to growing/raising foods that protect one’s health and world.

FOURTH PLACE Lucky Dog Farm, Farm Store, and Food Hub included information about two markets in NYC (Union Square at 14th Street in Manhattan and in Brooklyn). The judges found the visual of strings connect Delaware County farm vendors (on a Delaware County map) to urban consumers (featured on a New York City map) readable, while demonstrating clearly how valuable the Lucky Dog Food Hub is for farming profitability.

FIFTH PLACE Suicide Prevention / Sources of Strength exhibit by Delaware County Public Health and Rural Healthcare Alliance’s highlighted teenage suicide as a critical issue.  This exhibit pointed out the importance of all adults, friends, family, and peers being educated to recognize the signs of a potential suicide victim from words, non-verbal communication, appearance, and body language.

SIXTH PLACE Delaware County Economic Development exhibit showcased the guidance, support, and commitment by their staff to county businesses (both new and longstanding) to provide employment, to protect local environment, and to contribute to the County’s economic well-being.

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