2013 Human Ecology Fair Exhibitors

The 2013 six Home Economics Education Exhibits highlight three businesses, one school garden program, the Legacy Corps/Office for the Aging adult day care program, and Hanford Mills Museum. These six Exhibits are part of Cornell Cooperative Extension’s 100 year history and commitment of providing residents and visitors with timely educational information related to home based businesses, community resources and family living.

FIRST PLACE Roxbury School After School “CROP” Garden exhibit had a photography montage showing how the students applied newly learned gardening and harvesting skills to learning how to cook healthy meals, and their enjoyment in the process. They also participated with Story Laurie in her “Cultivating Connections” school program to create songs that grew from their gardening and cooking.

SECOND PLACE A Quilt of Many Colors Batik Fabrics exhibit featured a photographic story line explaining the Batik process from Indonesia with stunning examples of “Do-It-Yourself” color filled patterns, and quilting techniques.

THIRD PLACE Legacy Corps Our Place exhibit showcased photographs of seniors enjoy many varied programs and the opportunity for socializing with their friends, neighbors, and presenters of community businesses and county services. This exhibit represents a “very valuable program” much needed in our communities.

FOURTH PLACE Fisher’s Beekeeping exhibit was well filled with antiques, beekeeping and honey making equipment, and vintage signage.

FIFTH PLACE Deborah Hunt’s Yoga exhibit provided information on yoga classes and health benefits of the many yoga poses displayed.

SIXTH PLACE Hanford Mills Museum Sustaining the Power of History exhibit featured photographs clearly showing the History of Delaware County’s first electrically operated mill business that is a living museum today and provides unique learning experiences for families and students.

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