2012 Human Ecology Fair Exhibitors

The 2012 Home Economics Education Exhibits provide fair attendees with information about family services and businesses, community events and activities at this year’s Delaware County Fair.  This year exhibits highlighted critical and timely information on renewable and energy smart topics, such as Hanford Mills’ history on water power and NYSERDA residential energy auditing, along with Delaware County Public Health Nursing’s Baby and Me tobacco free program, Project Hope’s mental wellness activities for last year’s hurricane/flooding disasters families, A Quilt of Many Colors “A Garden of Quilts,” and Byebrook Farm’s Gouda Cheese Making exhibit.

FIRST PLACE Hanford Mills Museum exhibit featured water power, a renewable energy source since the mid-1880’s.  It had strong stopping power with its large pulley/wheel model and posters that walked the viewer through the system of moving water to utilize its power for operating equipment.

SECOND PLACE A Quilt of Many Colors A Garden of Quilts exhibit showcased many quilts and fabrics featuring vegetable and garden themes. A sewing machine and other quilter’s tools highlighted the ease of learning how to quilt.

THIRD PLACE Public Health Nursing Baby & Me Smoking Cessation Program exhibit informed fair-goers that 34%-30% of pregnant mothers who smoke has changed little in the past decade and that second hand smoke causes critical health issues for both fetus and newborn.

FOURTH PLACE NYSERDA’s Green Jobs-Green New York at Rural Ulster Preservation Company exhibit provided an ongoing film showing the many ways homeowners can maximize residential energy while saving on expenses.

FIFTH PLACE Byebrook Farm exhibit demonstrated the interesting sequence of making Gouda cheese and their value-added certified raw milk and cheese business.

SIXTH PLACE Project Hope exhibit was about their disaster relief service that meets the emotional well-being for families, youth and seniors/individuals who were impacted by Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee last August/September. While it has been easy to spot the physical damage to properties, mental health is more subtle.

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