Festive Holiday Kissing Balls

Kissing balls add warmth and beauty indoors and out.  On December 2nd, CCE Delaware county hosted not one but two workshops on kissing ball creation.  Using freshly sourced local greenery, over 40 participants made gorgeous kissing balls for their homes and loved ones.  Our primary material was Norway spruce, which is abundant around here.  Once a framework was established, bits of blue spruce, pine needle clusters, and Rhododendron leaves were added.  Pine cones were added for the finishing touch.

Couldn’t make it to the workshop, but want to make a kissing ball? You can download full instructions by clicking here!


Packed House!


Executive Director Jeanne Darling demonstrates the insertion of greens into foam.


Works of art in progress!


Ta-da!  Our youngest participant shows off her gorgeous creation.

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