COVID-19 Risk Management Strategy Checklist from the Cornell Food Safety Extension Team

Technical Measures
  • Identify and routinely clean and sanitize high-risk locations/surfaces (Example locations)
Organizational Measures  
  • Appoint a COVID-19 point person within the organization to handle communication and coordination
  •    Regularly update staff regarding COVID-19
  •   Prohibit non-essential visitors and outside contractors
  • Prohibit interaction with truck drivers and limit their movement in the facility
  •   Determine the frequency and types of cleaning and sanitizing
  •  Identify supplies that may be jeopardized in the current supply chain and plan allocation accordingly
  • Anytime there is a substitution or change in formulation, your food safety plan should be reviewed which may lead to a process authority review
Personnel Measures
  • Develop and implement guidance for employees (Example)
  • Develop and use protocol for employee screening (See here for a suggested/example of a screening sheet that could be used)
  •   Instruct staff to practice social distancing
    • Maintain at least 6 feet of distance between each other whenever possible
    • Avoid personal contact: shaking hands, etc.
  •  Refresh staff on proper hand hygiene and glove practices including handwashing and refraining from touch your face
  •  Refresh staff on limited supply levels (gloves and other PPE) and to use it accordingly
  •  Develop and use protocol for respiratory hygiene (see here for example guidance)
  • Promote protective behavioral measures: avoiding touching doorknobs by hand, etc.
  • Reset break and meeting rooms seating to promote physical distancing
  • Maintain active managerial surveillance for ill/symptomatic employees
  •   Enforce and communicate proactive sick leave policy
    •  Reporting personal illness
    • Reporting illness in the home
This is an initial draft, please contact Louise Felker with feedback and suggestions for corrections. We will continue to provide updates as new versions are available.
The Cornell Food Safety Extension Team

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