CCE Delaware County History ~ Years 25-50

1940 4-H Parade

1937 – A cauliflower auction was planned in Margaretville.

1938 – 4-H Achievement Day draws a crowd of 750 people!


1940 – The Girl’s Calf Club is recognized as the only all girls calf club in the state. Mary Rose is crowned champion showman for the Brown Swiss Breed at the Delaware County Fair.  The 4-H Band marched at the Spring Festival in Walton.

1941 – Marian Jack was one of many who showed their pig at the Delaware County Fair.

1942 John Lennox takes car of trimming the trees at 4-H Camp Shankitunk.  A 4-H Phonograph record campaign is held in Delhi.  An Extension Wartime Council is organized in Delaware County.  A system of minute men reaching every hamlet and farm in the county is set up to provide up-to-the-minute information on farm and home problems arising in this war emergency.

1943  – Mary Holdridge taught First Aid at 4-H Camp Shankitunk.  Delaware County fair is a big success for 4-Hers with 1608 separate exhibits.

1944 – Milkweed pods and floss are being collected at central schools to be molded into life jackets and aviator suits.  Dried milkweed pods were worth 20 cents per bag.  Gerald Townsend, Otto Olsen, Paul Moody, and William Stevens received “Victory Farmer” recognition for over 2000 hours of work on farms and/or in the home.

1945 –

1946 – Julia Grovtevant (Walton) was named N.Y. Canning Champion.  Paul Moody of Hamden is NYS Jersey Champion.

1947 – Walter Gladstone of Andes is elected President of the County 4-H Club Council.  Anne and Ruth Rose meet Elsie Borden and her young son.


1949 – Walter Gladstone receives a gold wristwatch and several other honors for his excellent dairy production demonstration and leadership roles.




1953 – A Milk testing lab existed in Delhi. Lyle Wilson was the DHI supervisor.

1954 – Farm Bureau held an annual milking contest.  This year the competitors were Philip LaFever, Charles Ferris, Glenford Hinckley, Clinton Hunter, Mary Lou Vamosy, and Lloyd Sines.

1955 – Alton Clark did quite a bit of pasture improvement for his Jersey herd and was one of the first owners of a field chopper in Delaware County. His farm was featured on the Dairy Tour this year.

1956 – The Delaware County 4-H Club Leaders Association consists of Mrs. Alton Benedict, President; Mrs. Steven Vamosy, Secretary/Treasurer; Steven Vamosy; Mrs. John Thorington; Mrs. Carlton Kellogg; George Maurer; and Mrs. Harland Dumond.

1957 – Sister Sue’s Nan (an Ayrshire owned by Milton Ward of Delhi) is outstanding! She is 14 years old and has 118,553 pounds of milk and 4826 pounds of butterfat to her credit. Hugh Wilson educated residents on Soil Composition.




1961 – Sheep are dipped under the supervision of State Veterinarian Dr. M.J. Cerosaletti. John Lennox (retired) teaches at Conservation Field Days where 400 children attended at Mayham Pond in Stamford.

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