Breastfeeding Healthy Babies

One of the most important decisions parents will make is how to feed their baby. Deciding to breastfeed can give babies the best possible start in life. Cornell Cooperative Extension provides breastfeeding support and education through the ESNY and EFNEP programs; and offers breast pumps to mothers who are high risk or enrolled in WIC, Public Health Well Baby Visits and ESNY/EFNEP.

Home-based lessons include information on the Benefits of Breastfeeding, How Breastfeeding Works, Getting Started, Beyond the First Feedings, Special Concerns, Breastfeeding and Returning to Work, Breast Milk Expression and Storage, And Weaning Your Baby. For further information on Breastfeeding Healthy Babies contact Jeanne Darling at Cornell Cooperative Extension 607-865-6531 or email us at [email protected].