Delaware County Rural Healthcare Alliance

One of over 30 rural health networks in New York,

funded in large part by the New York State Office of Rural Health


To promote integration and coordination of local health services.  We are founded on a strong belief in the power of synergism.  The goal of New York’s rural health networks is to assist healthcare providers and organizations, as well as consumers, local businesses and government in rural areas, to improve the health of rural New Yorkers through health coordination, development, planning, and implementation.

  • Encourages increased use of technology to improve quality and reduce cost of delivering care;
  • Gathers and shares health policy and practice-related information;
  • Discovers and disseminates best practice models of care – continually striving to improve the quality, efficiency and accessibility of local heath services.

The Delaware County Rural Healthcare Alliance brings together health care and health care related organizations to share information, conduct assessments, develop plans and fund projects to address health education and awareness. The Alliance promotes improved access to quality health and wellness services for Delaware County, NY residents.

  • Increase capacity of its members and partners to facilitate local and regional health care planning by collecting data, participating in and leading community health community based organization/CBO initiative, supporting HealthlinkNY Community Network (Population Health Improvement Plan (PHIP), Delivery System Reform Incentive Program (DSRIP), Public Heath/Hospital Health planning and discussions to prioritize health issues, develop joint programs/MOU’s, coordinate training and conferences to measure effectiveness and responsiveness of health services/programs.
  • Increase access to mental health services by implementing cost effective, innovative peer model Warmline, peer model Recovery Coach Program, providing education forum/trainings/Mental Health Resource directory, radio programs and social engagement program for newly diagnosed Alzheimer’s patients and implementing a school research project and school based trainings for a Sources of Strength teen peer based model to prevent youth suicide in four schools in Delaware County.
  • Coordinate obesity prevention and community based health screenings, education and development of evidence based interventions to reduce strokes and heart attacks in the county through Chronic Disease Management, community walking programs, promotion of walking trails, senior exercise programs, Healthy Children Healthy Families/Cooking Matters Programs, school based youth nutrition education/Girls On The Run, Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH), Cooking Up Fun, Choose Health and Dig In gardening programs.  Track physical activity of youth, hospital employees, worksites, seniors, and community participants and impact of programs.
  • Increase access to prenatal, maternal and new mom health programs in the county by identifying breast feeding issues of employee and post-partum mothers, and healthcare providers; delivering breast feeding education programs at doctor’s office and programs that could be developed by Alliance partners and breastfeeding coalition.

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