Got Turkeys?

close-up of turkey amidst dandelions

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is looking for landowners to help with a large-scale study of wild turkey movements, survival, and harvest. In January, DEC began the final year of a four-year study in which wild turkey hens will be captured and fitted with leg bands. The objective of the banding study is to examine harvest rates, survival rates, and movements of hens. All work is done by DEC personnel on public and private lands from January through March.

DEC seeks landowners in DEC Regions 3 through 9 who would be interested in allowing birds to be trapped on their land, as well as alerting project coordinators when they see turkeys on their property. After turkeys are trapped and banded they will immediately be released at the same location Not all locations are suitable for deploying capture equipment, so landowners should contact their regional project coordinator to discuss the suitability of their property.

DEC would appreciate reports from landowners, hunters, bird watchers or others about winter turkey flock locations anywhere in NYS.

Karl Parker (518) 357-2154
Email: [email protected] – Use subject line -“turkey study”
DEC Phone: 518-402-8886