CCE educator Rich Toebe addressing group during a pasture walk

Farm enterprises are a vital part of the agricultural landscape in Delaware County. These include the production of dairy, livestock, greenhouse/landscape nursery, vegetables, equine, field cash crops, fruits, timber, aquaculture, forestry products, maple production and many more. Cornell Cooperative Extension of Delaware County provides diverse programming in these areas. The main expertise of our staff is in dairy production management where we can offer resources and expertise in dairy nutrition, dairy facilities design, dairy housing ventilation system design and troubleshooting, production record analysis, general herd management. We also have access to resources and experts for other types of livestock through utilization of resources from Cornell University as well as other land grant agricultural colleges.

We typically offer programs throughout the year for farmers and local agribusiness personnel. These programs include both traditional classroom settings as well as on farm meetings and farm tours.

Contact us about the following programs:

  • Forest Management – covering issues for the forest owner.
  • Targeted conferences in horticulture and livestock production.
  • Insect & Disease Diagnosis – Interface with Cornell Diagnostic Labs may be required.
  • Free pH Testing
  • Soil Testing for Nutrient Levels – sent to Dairy One (fee required).

Be sure to check out our Ag Links & Resources page for a detailed list of resources for different types of production. Looking for more?

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