close-up of counselor helping youth construct a rocket parachute

Focus areas for 4‑H STEM programs include Archery Dynamics, Backyard Engineering, Code Explorers, Micro-organisms, Outdoor Survival, and Rocketry I and II.  These programs are available through local clubs, schools and grant-funded programs.  Looking for a great STEM experience for your child? Check out the NYS 4-H STEM Camp held at 4-H Camp Shankitunk!

Environmental Science & Alternative Energy – Provide young people with first-hand experience in utilizing alternative energy, conserving energy and learning how to limit humanity’s impact on our environment.  Examples around the county include . . .

Engineering & Technology – Use hands-on activities in robotics, rocketry, computer science and electrical engineering to teach problem solving, creative and critical thinking, and build excitement for engineering and technology.  Examples around the county include . . .

Plant & Animal Science – Engage and excite young people in agricultural science topics such as veterinary science, biotechnology, raising and training animals and forestry.  Examples around the county include . . .

Emily Roach
4-H Resource Educator 
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