Delaware County 4-H Horse 5-Star Program

youth on his horse waiting to show

The Five Star Program is designed to provide a guide for teaching horse project members and for checking their accomplishments each year. Each star covers skills on which members are to be checked. 4-H club leaders may find the Star Program useful in determining what to teach horse project members. The Star Program is only indicative of what a member has learned and does not list every item which leaders may wish to teach their members.

Club leaders, with any help they may wish to obtain, may do the testing for the first and second star levels within their club. Third, fourth and fifth stars are to be tested by a panel of horse development committee members, horse program coordinator and/or a recognized clinician.

A schedule of testing weekends will be offered in the spring and fall of each year. The fourth and fifth stars have a riding component to them. Candidates will have to travel to a testing site to complete this exam. Both stars also have a non-horse owner option.

Passing grade is 75%


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4-H Community Educator 
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