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youth laying in a bed of straw with two cows at the fair

In the Animal Science program, there are extension programs for young producers of dairy, beef, sheep, goats, swine, poultry, and horses. In addition, the 4-H program provides for the interests of many of its members in pet animals such as dogs, cats and rabbits. Rural, suburban and urban 4-Hers enjoy animal-related projects that enhance knowledge and skills in biology and production systems, as well as encourage personal development by caring for animals.  4-Hers develop . . .

Responsibility – The required daily feeding and grooming of an animal develops skills to care for others.

Planning – 4-H’ers are required to plan for each 4-H year’s project entries. At the start of the 4-H year members start considering what projects they would like to explore and then must submit a participation form.  The ability to take care of personal organization is a life skill that 4-H promotes.

Coping Mechanisms –  There is the possibility for daily challenges with any animal project. Problem-solving and decision-making skills are required to remedy those challenges.  In worst case scenarios, coping mechanisms for loss may also be experiences that are developed in this project area.

Sportsmanship – Participation is important, but ultimately there is only one Grand Champion in a given project area.  True sportsmanship is the ability to support fellow participants regardless of class placings. Most participants have experienced the emotions of exceptional effort and extreme disappointment through the course of a livestock project, but you’ll often see them shake hands and hear congratulatory remarks for others even in the wake of disappointment.

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