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youth having a basket judged at fair

General 4-H Forms are attached below. Program specific forms are located on those pages, but we’ve linked those pages here for your convenience.  If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Adventurers 4-H Club “Join 4-H” Video
  • 4-H Grows Here PSA Video
  • Delaware County Fair Website
  • 4-H Mall – Your source of 4-H awesomeness! Their team proudly provides the latest in 4-H gear, club essentials, and curriculum to assist each member of the millions-strong 4-H community to advance in their projects and display their 4-H pride.
  • National 4-H Council – America’s largest youth development organization.
  • Share Your 4-H Story – The 4‑H experience taught you responsibility, compassion, respect and the value of hard work. It helped you become a confident kid and adult. Help kids have the same great experience – share your #4HGrown story.
  • Curriculum Resources – From Wind Power to Workforce Readiness, youth activity guides are filled with engaging experiences that cultivate the skills that youth need for everyday living as they gain knowledge about subjects that interest them.
1.  Full names and towns. No address.
  • Example: Tim Chevy of Franklin wins herdsmanship ribbon.
2. Pictures with full names. No address.
  • Example: Tim Chevy and Dan Ford are shown walking dogs at the humane society.


Pictures online will not have names or addresses. Examples include:

When you sign the Photo Release to join or re-enroll in 4-H, this is how we will handle any photos taken. If you do not want your child’s picture taken, then don’t sign the photo release, and let us know. Thank You.

CCE also has several publications you may find helpful.  See them on our Links & Resources page. 

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