Schedule for 4-H Animals at the Fair

Make sure you stroll through the barns at fair to see all of our 4-Hers animal exhibits.



  • 1 pm         Weigh-in of 4-H Market Animals Begins
  • 3-5 pm      4-H Market Animal Project Records Due to the Summer Assistant/Livestock Show Ring
  • 6 pm         4-H Gymkhana Horse Show/Horse Show Ring
  • 7:30 pm    Livestock Exhibitor Meeting/Livestock Show Ring
  • 8 pm         Dairy Exhibitor Meeting/Dairy Show Ring


  • 8 am         (All Day) 4-H Horse Show/Horse Show Ring
  • 8:30 am    4-H Dairy & Meat Goat Show/Livestock Show Ring
  • 9:30 am    4-H Cavy Showmanship Show/Rabbit-Poultry Barn
  • 9:30 am    4-H Dairy Cattle Showmanship Show/Dairy Show Ring
  • 10 am       4-H Rabbit Showmanship Show/Rabbit-Poultry Barn
  • 2 pm         4-H Sheep Show/Livestock Show Ring


  • 10 am-5 pm   4-H Horse Show (Western, Trail)/Horse Show Ring
  • 9 am          4-H Beef Show/Livestock Show Ring
  • 9:30 am     4-H Cavy Breeds Show/Rabbit-Poultry Barn
  • 9:30 am     4-H Dairy Breeds Show/Dairy Show Ring
  • 10 am        4-H Rabbit Breeds Show/Rabbit-Poultry Barn
  • 6 pm          4-H Livestock Skillathon/Livestock Show Ring


  • 9 am          4-H Swine Show/Livestock Show Ring
  • 6 pm          4-H Dog Show/Dairy Cattle Show Ring
  • 6:30 pm     4-H Sheep Olympics/Livestock Show Ring followed by
  •                     4-H Animal Dress-Up Contest


  • 10 am        4-H Weigh-in Auction Animals/Livestock Barn
  • 7 pm          4-H Goat Olympics/Livestock Show Ring


  • Noon          Dairy Dinner/Dairy Show Ring
  • 1 pm           Livestock Herdsmanship Awards & Livestock Skill-a-thon/Livestock Show Ring
  • 2 pm            4-H Livestock Auction/Livestock Show Ring

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